Measuring For Your Mask Size

The YOUR WAY MASK comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
You'll want to measure to find which size will be the best fit for you. Here's how:
Using a sewing tape measure (or a piece of string-you can even use something like a shoe string!) measure from the bridge of your nose (just between your eyes where the top of the mask will sit) to the tip of your chin (#3 to #4 in the diagrams below):
The measurement you take will correspond to the length of the mask as shown below by the red line (the top of the nose section to the bottom edge of the clear mouth shield):
Use the size guide below to determine the best size mask:


** A medium sized mask fit most of our testers, and should be fine for the average adult. If you have any concerns as to which size you should consider, please feel free to email us at:, or you can message us on Facebook or Instagram (see our social media links at the bottom of this page)!


***Because the width of the mask can be easily adjusted by shaping the clear mouth shield into a more open/flat shape, compared to a more rounded shape, the width measurement isn't important in determining which size mask you will need. See here how to make the mask wider or more narrow on the face by adjusting the shape of the clear mouth shield.

For reference, here are the widths of the YOUR WAY MASK in each size, flat, before the clear mouth shield is shaped: