How to Wash the YOUR WAY MASK!

Clear Plastic Shield:
HANDWASH ONLY! Remove the shield from both mask fabric pieces. DO NOT PUT CLEAR SHIELD IN WASHING MACHINE! DO NOT USE ABRASIVES!    Add a few drops of soap to the shield & clean gently with a wet soft cloth. Rinse. Dry immediately with a soft dry towel to prevent spots. Air dry completely.                              
Mask Fabric pieces:
TO MACHINE WASH: For best results, attach chin panel to main mask piece at all velcro points, as shown below, & put mask into a mesh or cotton laundry bag (our Carry Wash Bag is perfect for machine washing your mask!). Wash cold water, dry low-medium heat. Do not iron - velcro/plastic pieces will melt.         
TO HANDWASH: Attach chin panel to main mask piece at all velcro points. Add mask to warm, soapy water & gently rub. Rinse with cool to lukewarm water. Squeeze out excess water. Air dry completely before using again.
To prepare the mask for washing: Attach the chin panel hook and loop tape to the hook and loop tape on the main mask piece, shown above.
Attach the sides of the chin panel hook and loop to the main mask hook and loop on the front, shown above.
Mask ready for washing, shown above.