When the world began shutting down in March of 2020 and masking became a 'thing', my hunt was on for the perfect mask.

As a professional sign language interpreter, I needed a mask that would be clear, since much grammar in American Sign Language is on the face and mouth.

The 'communicator' masks that were becoming popular, made with cheap shower curtain plastic, fogged up easily and became cloudy after washing.

Disposable medical grade clear masks were slowly becoming available, but I wanted something that wouldn't clutter our already overburdened environment with excess plastic.

I found some clear masks with fancy fans, or some that were all plastic. They were all either expensive and loud, or very hot, sticky, and uncomfortable to wear.

So, as a former artist and designer, I set out in May of 2020 to invent the perfectly comfortable, reusable, washable, clear mask with a TON of ways to wear, and boom....the YOUR WAY MASK was born!

The YOUR WAY MASK is easy to breathe in, easy to clean, comfortable to wear, easily kept fog free, and comes in three sizes, three colors, along with fun accessories to customize your mask for more fun and more wearing options!

The YOUR WAY MASK is especially wonderful for those who work with anyone with hearing loss, or those who work with children to facilitate learning.

It's been a LONG journey getting to the point of making this mask available for sale! Each mask is currently lovingly handmade in small batches in our in-house workshop (Yes, that means it's MADE IN THE U.S.A.!) and shipped fully assembled with complete instructions on how to wear and care for your mask!

I hope you enjoy wearing the YOUR WAY MASK as much as I do--I'd LOVE to hear your stories of how the YOUR WAY MASK has benefited you/those around you. Send me an email at:, or you can send me a message on Facebook or Instagram .

I hope to hear from you!

Suzie, Owner/Founder - My Way Mask n Shield, LLC